Feb 2018

Well hi all,

This is our first blog post not sure if more to come or not! It is a Wintery -11oC outside with 30cm snow, not much going on outside but plenty within. As a business that mainly consists of outside work Winter is the best and ONLY time to plan, reflect, deploy for the coming year ahead. This year we plan to do some major rebuilding work for the property. An old house with no plumbing kinda needs to be updated to our modern living standards :). In fact the next 5 years will be bringing this old sleepy girl to be running fit again! We hope to do her justice and she will repay by standing for another 200 years.

Animals: The latest additions to the farm are 2 cheeky adorable kittens which have us in a spell. They are training to be our mouse hunters and they are in top form!

Garden: Our garden may take a step back slightly due to the demands of a renovation, but we will still plant a variety of vegetables which we love to eat fresh- tomatoes, lettuce, radish, broccoli, cabbages, strawberries, cucumber, pumpkin, zucchini, garlic, onions, kohlrabi, spinach, silverbeet, and lots of herbs and flowers. This year I would like to start organising the herb garden which will alos inlcude flowers used for dying our wool and for health benefits to us and our animals

Anyhow need to get another log on the fire and a cup of tea. Stay warm