At Hendlberg-Hof (Chook Mountain Farm) situated in the Wienerwald at 720m, we live and work alongside nature growing food with an earth care responsibility, to enable a fair and just world. We use Permaculture and Regenerative practices, and  an open door approach to learn and share knowledge .
Hendlberg-Hof (Chicken Mountain Farm) aims to foster community on all levels, helping to celebrate life to better the future for generations to come. There are times to learn, times to grow, times to reflect and think, now we need to put what we know, into action.

We would like to think of ourselves as uncompromising when it comes to having a just and fair world. This means not only for humans, but all living species. To do this we aim to live and work within a system that mimics nature as closely as possible. The design system we use is based on Permaculture.

Our goal is to provide an example of a regenerative lifestyle that can be mimicked and attainable for all. We want to be transparent, so that others can benefit from our learning processes.
To heal the planet from human exploitation there needs to be more of us to start working with it. Through showcasing the farm, leading by example, offering seminars and developing a community around us on all levels, we believe we can achieve this.
Living and working alongside nature we are able to truly appreciate its diversity, abundance and beauty. We hope the farm will be of the same characteristics.
Celebrating life in its many forms, living with each season, learning the processes of the living web, is our legacy to leave for a better future. The trees we plant today are not only for us, they are for generations to come.

There is a 200 year old rock wall on the property that is still standing and providing for us. We often sit on it and give thanks to the human hands who built it. There is also a forest, natural springs and an impressive view to the Austrian Alps that make us wonder and give thanks to the earth for providing. Likewise we would like to think that whatever we do, in 200 years time someone will stand there and thank us.

We would also like to add that we are not experienced farmers or come from a background of one. We are just two people who now know enough, not to act. We cannot sit by and watch anymore, but believe if the world has to change then we must be part of it. So you will witness our trials, but in doing so we hopefully can show that anyone with a willingness and determination can get into making this change we so desperately need.